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About Us Kiran Sharma

Kiran Sharma is the founder of A -One Academy, a personal success training Academy. She has been in the teaching and training industry for over 12 years and has impacted thousands of students through her training and coaching engagements across schools and colleges.

Kiran had many years of challenges and failures in her carrier before discovering what really works! Her strong and purposeful upbringing had her stay focused and disciplined.

The desire to help students about the hardships that she went through in her carrier due to lack of formal personal development training during her student years has grown into Kiran's lifelong crusade as she is called on my parents and schools to transform their children and student respectively.

Today she is known as Parenting Coach and Student Expert. Now She is on a mission to help and parents by equipping their children with the right skills and tools required to be future ready through her breakthrough and experiential World class trainings which creates both immediate and long-term transformation that empowers them to be successful.

Kiran believes that it is never too early for children to start with 'future ready education'.